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All. Lyrics · I Don't Care · I Don't Want To Know If You're Lonely · I Fought The Law · I Saw My Parents Kissing Santa Claws · I See The Light · I Want To Be Alone · I. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - lyrics · I walk a lonely road. The only one that I have ever known · I walk this empty street. On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams · I. Check out the index or search for other performers. The Repetitive Lyrics: Are we, we are. Green Day's, "Bab's Uvla Who?" Why They're Repetitive: They're.

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Green Day Back In The USA Lyrics. Ι wοke up to a bitter stοrm. Αnd Noah's Arc came washed up οn the shοre. Τhe riοt gear has lined the dawn. Green Day; Panic Song Lyricist:Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Pritchard, Frank E., Iii Wright Ready for a cheap escape. On the brink of self destruction. Handwritten Lyrics · Why Do You Want Him? · Paper Lanterns · Stay · The One I Want · Green Day · Christie Road · Christie Road (alt lyrics) · Welcome To Paradise.

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It was really after 21CB that Billie Joe Armstrong just magically lost his ability to write compelling lyrics. Early Green Day lyrics were. Green Day - Panic Song Lyrics. Ready for a cheap escape. On the brink of self destruction. Widespread panic. Broken glass inside my head. Paranoia Lyrics, Green Day, I had visions, I was in them I was looking into.