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Slavery exists today. You have probably heard of the transatlantic slave trade and the term modern slavery. They are both slavery, but what makes it. form and many others. Modern slavery includes human trafficking, debt bondage, forced labour, hereditary slavery, child soldiery, servile forced marriage. Although it is not defined by law, “modern slavery” is used to describe situations where someone is forced to work or marry and cannot refuse or leave because.

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The mandate on contemporary forms of slavery includes but is not limited to issues such as: traditional slavery, forced labour, debt bondage, serfdom, children. Modern slavery can take many different forms, including forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, forced sexual exploitation, descent-based slavery, child. The Five Forms of Slavery Today · Forced Labor — Describes all types of coerced work that an individual must provide against his or her will. · Bonded Labor or.

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their forms. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Slavery: the modern reality. Modern slavery can take many forms including human trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, exploitation and servitude. Find out more here. Human Trafficking, Forced Labour, and. Modern Forms of Slavery: Commonwealth Caribbean Perspectives. AUTHORS. Justice Peter Jamadar. Laurissa Pena.