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A backwater valve is a device installed in a drainage system to prevent reverse flow. When installed correctly, the valves prevent sewage from re-entering the. Wi Fi SEWER BACKUP PROTECTION. Communicate with Cyclone sewer backwater valve alarm while away from home and be notified of the current status via Wi-Fi App. A sewer backwater valve is a device that is installed on the pipe that connects a home's plumbing fixtures to the city's sewer to reduce the risk of sewage.

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Choose from our selection of check valves, check valves for harsh chemicals, two-stage backflow-prevention valves, and more. In stock and ready to ship. The backwater valve is designed to automatically shut to prevent leakage out of the plumbing fixture if sewage from an obstructed public sewer backs up the. ICLR recommends the removal of reference to manual sewer backflow prevention devices, including gate valves, in the. National Plumbing Code of. Canada. The.

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Installing Backwater Valves Built to Last Backflow prevention devices, also called backwater valves, exist to prevent water from flowing in the wrong. Much like a backwater valve, a backflow preventer will only allow water to flow in a single direction. But unlike a backwater valve, its aim is to prevent the. If so, you need to install backwater valves to help protect your property from sewer backups. Backwater valve. Backup Flow. March THE. WORKS. CAMBRIDGE.