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European patent attorney courses and exams. If you want to become a European patent attorney, you can apply to take a 2-year training course for European. EPLIT (European Patent Litigators Association) is the association for European Patent Attorneys who may act before the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Patent attorneys specialising in Swiss and European patent law. Electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications, mechanics, materials science, polymers and.

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The Patent team has more than fifty attorneys and trainee attorneys, a majority of whom are qualified attorneys registered with the French and European patent. The UK regulations require that you need to be the holder of a degree in order to be considered as a registered patent attorney. In order to take the European. SOTERYAH IP is a firm of European Patent Attorneys in London, UK, Paris, Montpellier, France: File a European Patent, Watch, Legal advice, National phase.

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In Europe, you have to appoint a European Patent Attorney, who is qualified to represent clients before the European Patent Office (EPO). European patents are granted by the European Patent Office (EPO). The European Patent Office is situated in Munich and Berlin in Germany, in Vienna in Austria. UK and European patent attorneys offer a patent protection service for your brand and IP, through patent registration and renewal.