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Classic bell jar model demonstrates the role of diaphragmatic contraction in causing the lungs to inflate. Includes \\n• Shatter-resistant plastic bell. Stimulate discussion by asking students to discuss which parts of the model represent the lungs, chest cavity, and diaphragm? (Answer: The balloon represents. B8R - Lung Demo Model in a Bell Jar - This simple model demonstrates the functioning of lungs for students. It depicts how the lungs are emptied and.

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Lung Demonstration Model Description: With this model you can take a first-hand view of how the lungs work! By making the diaphragm relax and contract the. lungs. Air now rushes in from outside. When you breathe out your diaphragm moves up and your ribs move back in, and the air gets pushed out. The model works. This model mimics the action of the lungs. The demonstrator's hand performs the function of the abdominal muscles (or thoracic muscles), and the balloons.

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Lung Function Model, Each. Simulate the function of the diaphragm with this easy-to-use kit. Pull down on the rubber skirt to create a partial vacuum within. When the lungs are formed the fetus is held in the fluid-filled amniotic sac and so they do not function to breathe. Blood is also diverted from the lungs. Lung demonstration model provides a firsthand view of how the lungs work and how other structures play into the function of the lungs. A simple, yet effective.