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Agilent Agilent Series - Prep HPLC Stack HPLC Preparative System. Cambridge ID #: Includes: Qty (2) - GA Agilent Series Prep Pumps. HPLC Column Wash Pump is Trending concept in QC managers so that they can reduce idealness of HPLC and cost factors in HPLC by washing their HPLC columns in. An assistant can be the basis of a whole HPLC system including a pump, valve and a detector, just like the AZURA compact prep system (page 30). As part of a.

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High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a well-known, tried and trusted method for mixture separation, widely used for quality analysis and control. Bulk packing materials, large diameter columns, and systems with capacities exceeding even lpm all must be available for prep scale purification. YMC has. Configure your prep HPLC system from injection to detection and choose between different materials, flow rates, valves and detectors.

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The Prodigy™ is a unique preparative scale HPLC with a fully integrated heating system to access elevated temperatures for improved performance with peptide. The Knauer Prep LC Premier LC system is a very flexible preparative chromatography system to optimise your purification and synthesis work. Intended for applications involving analytical and preparative scale purifications, the Waters Sample Manager is a high-capacity sample processing system.